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PROJECT INSPIRE will be an awareness program which will showcase and feature Inspirational people who are making a difference in the Mental Health, Depression and Suicide Prevention through the Arts and Community Action.

Goal: Develop an idea that uses photography and digital/social media that allows us to the real stories of those impacted by mental health and/or making a difference in their community.


Portrait series & exhibition. The exhibition should exist both digitally and in real life, preferably in different locations. The portraits should be auctioned off.

Content series. As part of the project, we are looking to develop editorial content (video, articles…) that give more insight into the stories.

Social activation. We want to make sure that people around the U.S. can participate in this project through social media.


The Life is Priceless Foundation supports those (sufferers and caretakers) who are struggling or have struggled with major depression and suicide.

The L.I.F.E. initiative is new for 2016 and is a “Kickstarter for mental health.” We help people with great ideas to fight depression and suicide raise money and provide them with the right tools. The L.I.F.E. initiative focuses on four pillars: Listen, Inspire, Facilitate and Educate.


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Donation Total: $50


Our primary objective is always to raise money to support partner organizations and new L.I.F.E. projects.

As part of the Inspire pillar of the L.I.F.E. initiative, the secondary goal is to inspire people to open up about their struggle or to help those who are struggling.


Photography is often associated with someone showing off his or her best side. With the rise of selfies and duckfaces, this association has become even stronger.

Recently we have seen a social media take a different direction: #wokeuplikethis, gross faces on Snapchat, Instagram celebrities admitting to the extent of their production, etc.