The LIPF L.I.F.E. Initiative

LIPF launched the L.I.F.E. initiative in 2016 with the objective of creating a “Kickstarter for mental health.” The L.I.F.E. initiative allows our foundation’s future direction to be driven by the generous support of our donors through the support and funding for projects surrounding Mental Health and Wellness awareness.

The L.I.F.E. initiative focuses on four pillars which we believe are integral to maintaining and expanding continued support. Apart from specific pillars, LIPF encourages participation through monetary contributions as well as concept submission for L.I.F.E. initiatives.

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Support these L.I.F.E. initiatives by making a donation today.

Become Involved

Tell us about your own concept for a L.I.F.E. initiative.


Support these L.I.F.E. initiatives by making a donation today.

Become Involved

Tell us about your own concept for a L.I.F.E. initiative.


The Listen pillar connects sufferers and caretakers with those have gone through similar circumstances.

The Listen pillar will build upon the blog Timothy Price started called “Surviving as a Brother” after losing his brother David.  Listen will now include moderated community boards where people can safely share their stories and thoughts around depression and suicide.  We believe that through continued discussion we can further reduce the stigma associated with depression and suicide.


The Influence pillar attempts to take action with targeted solutions for sufferers and caretakers.  In collaboration with our Educate pillar the LIPF will continue to make investments into real world solutions.

Some of the ideas we are pursuing are technology driven apps, and wearables.  An example of this would be Symptom Tracker Apps, Emergency Alerts Apps, or a fitbit app that helps people who suffer from depression.

Influence will also be responsible for the creation of consumer facing media for print, digital and television.


The Facilitate pillar opens ongoing dialog and communication to sufferers and caretakers.  It will include on-going publication of life stories, and similar content that helps bring to life multiple perspectives around depression and suicide.

We will attempt to capture authentic experiences and have a discussion in frank and meaningful way.


The Educate pillar will conduct full blown research into new and interesting ways to combat depression and suicide.  It is our belief that an informed public makes for a more honest and open discussion around depression and suicide.

We will also look into video, and a podcast series that will invite special guests from celebrities, the medical community and all walks of life to discuss their experience with mental illness.

Support Our Projects

Friends of Firefighters

Friends of Firefighters (FoF) is a community not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing mental health and wellness services to FDNY firefighters and their families. Founded in response to the events of 9/11, FoF has been providing needed services to this community the way they need to be offered: by a team of professional staff sensitive to, and knowledgeable about the firefighter culture, free of charge, and with complete confidentiality.

Second to the military, firefighting is the most stressful job due to the physical danger, unpredictability, and negative psychological effects inherent in the job. In fact, firefighters are three times more likely to die of suicide than in the line of duty. Why is this? How can we better address the risk factors and strengthen the existing protective factors in the firefighter culture?

FoF’s mission to provide support to FDNY firefighters and their families has led us to partner with the LIPF to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of the FDNY firefighter community in the areas of depression and suicide.

Project Stethoscope

PROJECT STETHOSCOPE will be an impact-oriented program focused on identifying the signs of depression and suicide in the online space, continuously learning from publicly available content and providing information resources to those struggling with suicidal thoughts and their loved ones.

Listening: as part of the Listen pillar of the L.I.F.E. initiative, Stethoscope focuses on detecting the signs of depression and suicidal intentions in online conversations and social chatter (primary goal), and to assess what types of events, behaviors or attitudes significantly drive individuals to attempt suicide overall (secondary goal).

This project’s goal is to develop a learning algorithm that identifies at-risk individuals based on social behavior patterns, tracks the content they share and interact with over time and gathers insights around the stages that lead up to suicide attempts or completions.


PROJECT INSPIRE will be an awareness program which will showcase and feature Inspirational people who are making a difference in the Mental Health, Depression and Suicide Prevention through the Arts and Community Action.

World renowned photographer and mental health advocate Nigel Barker will be the face and voice of PROJECT INSPIRE through the photography and semi-scripted documentary of influential people as they tell their story of how they are impacted by mental health and making a difference in the community. Nigel will capture their stories through his lens and create exhibitions around their work and advocacy which will allow other people to share in an immersive experience and help raise money to fight the stigma associated with mental health and encourage people to find their own creative ways to participate.

Inspiration: as part of the Inspire pillar of the L.I.F.E. initiative, the secondary goal is to inspire people to open up about their struggle or to help those who are struggling.